Random acts of kindness

Like a lot of people I do some of my best thinking in the shower. It’s where I work through plot points, current projects, future plans and difficult situations. Last night as I was getting out the shower I was laughing at myself. During the course of said shower I had contemplated how best to steal a library, whether one could make a green tea syrup emulsify in coconut oil, ancient Egyptian methods of resin harvesting and the merits of micromaille unit weaves. It occurred to me that there are few people on earth who would have a collection of thoughts so utterly random.

Some of you may remember a short while ago my resolution to increase the number of random acts of kindness I carry out. As part of that I went to give blood after work today. It was my first time.

As I lay there looking around at all the other donors in the room lying quietly while they exsanguinated into bags, I found myself wondering what they were thinking about. I wondered if any of them had a thought process even half as scattershot as mine.

When the man on the next bed along gave me a funny look I returned my attention to my own goings on. Inevitably I found myself wondering who my donation would help. Would it be a crash victim, a new mother, a surgical patient? The possibilities were myriad and endless. It sent my imagination into overdrive.

I could almost imagine vampires hijacking the truck and stealing the supplies. I considered a crime novel where someone creates a drug that doesn’t show up on the screening and feeds it into the system with catastrophic effect. Then I added aliens into that scenario. When that got too scary I considered what would happen if my blood was magical, if it could instantaneously heal anyone transfused with it. Would the doctors know what had happened? Would they be able to trace it back to me? If I wanted to remain an anonymous miracle worker how would I do it?

I had so many ideas that it seemed like it was over too soon. It was one of those joyous moments of serendipity where something you do for no reason other than to give back to society has unexpected benefits for you.

So that’s my message for today – be kind, give blood. You never know what you may receive in return.

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