An excellent week

It’ll probably come as no surprise to know that I’m incredibly easy to please. I take joy in the smallest of things. With that in mind, its been kind of an amazing week!

Summer loving is still doing amazingly well with sales and I’ve had so many wonderful comments here and on Facebook. I’ve also had new followers on Twitter. I feel like I’ve been gathering new friends šŸ™‚ Incidentally, if you are reading this and we haven’t spoken, say hi! I love to meet new people.

I’ve also had great fun putting my creative skills to work making up training packs at the office. It’s been hilarious watching the students read it and burst out laughing.

I’ve been given 2 sets of free tickets today, 1 for a dance show which I’ve wanted to see since I was a teenager, the other for a pop concert tonight. I’ve also decided to treat myself with the unexpected rise in sales of my books and have booked tickets to go and see The Scottish Ballet Company in October. Looking forward to that!

Last night I went to the cinema to see the new Bourne film. I loved it!! Wish I’d rewatched the last 2 before going as I had forgotten a lot, but on the whole I thought it was ace. I read the books when I was a teenager and really enjoyed them. It’s wonderful to see them brought to life. I’ll have to reread them šŸ™‚

On a crafting front, the bits and bobs for the wedding are almost done. Got one necklace and the veil to finish and that’s it. Think I’ll have it all ready in time now that I’ve borrowed a soldering iron! I’ll be posting pics of my crafting adventures when its all done.

I’ve even managed to fit in a little bit of writing. Not much, but I’m certain Carnevale will be done by the end of the month!

So there you have it – a round up of my news so far this week šŸ™‚

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