Review Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers)

Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers series) by Elizabeth Reyes


I found this book immensely disturbing on so many levels. I can understand that the strong and commanding male stereotype can be attractive, but there are too many times in this book where Angel Moreno’s actions step way over the line into domestic abuse. He’s insanely jealous and controlling, he isolates her from her friends, he flips out with rage every time she so much as opens her mouth to speak to another guy and then breaks up her friendship with her best friend. I’m sorry, but to me that’s not attractive or particularly comfortable to read about.


Valerie comes across as shallow and promiscuous. Alex Moreno is just as bad as his brother with the whole aggression and controlling issues.  The only character I really liked was Sofia and she doesn’t feature all that much in the book.


The sub-plot with the gym teacher is ridiculously contrived.


Overall 1*.

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