Review – Texas Whirlwind

Texas Whirlwind by Bonnie Blythe


I must confess I was a little dubious about reading this, not being a particularly religious person. I’m glad I downloaded it. It turned out to be a very sweet and charming story.


Emma has adopted twin girls from Haiti and has taken them to the only place she’s ever felt at home – Galveston, Texas. After a messy break-up with her fiance, she finds herself becoming dependent on her childhood sweetheart turned local doctor, Travis. She fights her feelings for him, not believing herself worthy of such a great guy. He is determined to make her love him. Add in the jilted exes and a custody battle over the twins and you have the essence of the story.


I read a lot of romance and I admit I’ve become a little jaded of late. I’ve seen too many books where the men are controlling and arrogant and the women are whiny and take feminism back several decades. Not so with this book. There’s a certain sense of peace and grace that runs through it. Even though at times it feels like Emma is being stupid and stubborn, you still have to respect her reasons for behaving that way. She wants to stand on her own two feet and that’s understandable. The two girls are very sweet and Travis is portrayed as a sweet and warm man.


For all I was worried about it, I think Ms Blythe has done a beautiful job of weaving scripture through this book. I loved how it all tied in with quotations and parables about the wind and the smart readers will notice that the weather and the emotional turbulence of the story and the parables about believing that God will carry you through the storm are all intertwined. It’s hard, even for someone like me, not to see reflections of it in my own life. I could learn a lot from Emma…a little grace and a small helping of faith would make life an awful lot easier to bear. I loved the sense of community that flowed through the book and found the prayer chain scenes actually quite moving.


I’ve given it four stars instead of five because I felt the ending was very rushed. I would like to have understood the judge’s decision a little better and seen more of a reaction from Lucy and Stephen. It finished very abruptly without any real sense of justice having been done.


A solid 4*.

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