Review – Prophecy: Child of Light

This is a review of Prophecy: Child of Light, book one of the Vampires Realm Romance series by F. E. Heaton.

3* – good concept but not great writing.

The central plot of this book is about a Prophecy. It was foretold that there would one day be a vampire who would end vampire kind, although there were some that thought this was a mistranslation and that actually the child of prophecy would save demon kind. We meet Prophecy who is, unsurprisingly, the child of the prophecy, although she has no idea. We then meet Valentine, a superb hunter and killer who is on the way up the ranks of an opposing house. They meet, certain truths pass between them and they go on the run.

The world the author has created is rich with history and character. You learn that there are 7 vampire bloodlines, and each vampire house has its own hierarchy and lore. There are myths of forbidden love that are interwoven throughout the story, providing an interesting backdrop to what is going on between the two central characters. Several references are made to Shakespeare and you can understand why – as our two would be lovers travel across Europe, there is a very real Romeo and Juliet-esque feeling to the story.

I liked the characters. I liked Prophecy – she was quite believably written in that she was so sheltered growing up that she’s endlessly curious about the outside world. I thought she dealt with learning about her history in a way that was a little too blasé, but one or two character blips here and there are forgiven. (I have to confess at this point to having sniggered aloud several times when she earnestly tells herself she can save the world. I half expected someone to call her the cheerleader…) I liked Valentine too. He struggles with his decision to walk away from everything he knows. Sometimes doing the right thing is following the hardest path. There are times he resents Prophecy and, while his good side usually wins out, he struggles with his feelings for her. He had good depth.

So why the three stars and not four or five? The writing style irritated me immensely. Although I noticed only a handful of spelling mistakes, I still felt the book could have done with a serious edit. It’s very ‘wordy’. Why use four words to say something when twenty will do? Also, there are a lot of passages that are very repetitious. The same things is said two or three times with slightly different wording and then it is repeated again and again in later chapters. (Didja see what I did there? Didja? Didja?) It took up valuable plot space.

There were one or two glaring plot holes. There were also a couple of occasions where I had to read what was going on once or twice because characters had seemingly moved from one place to the next with no transition, like the author had forgotten what they had written at the start of the scene. It was a little jarring.

So, on the whole, it was okay. I liked the characters, I liked the concept and I liked the world in which it was set, but I don’t think I’ll be downloading the rest of the series.

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