Review – Loving You (A Cowboy Romance) by Mae Martini

Loving You by Mae Martini

2* – needs serious editing

This book was so bad it actually made me snigger for all the wrong reasons. The writing style is incredibly juvenile, with misspelt words, wrong usage of words and long, rambling sentences that sometimes didn’t even make sense. The tense jumps about all over the place between past and present. Sometimes it’s like the author is randomly commenting on her own work and didn’t realise she actually typed it. By the time I was halfway through I was seriously contemplating trying to contact Ms Martini and explaining to her the difference between ‘site’ and ‘sight’.

The storyline is ridiculous. If someone just tried to kill your best friend, you don’t make nice around the pool with them. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone on earth stupid enough to take part in a rodeo with a broken arm. On several occasions it seemed as though Ms Martini wanted to put something into the story and then realised she hadn’t set it up, so she just info-dumped a load of back history that made the rest of it seemed like one glaring plot hole.

I’m not so sure even a really good editor could salvage this book but I’ve given it an extra star on account of how I LOVE a guy in chaps and because some of the sex scenes are SMOKIN’.

Rates 0 on tears but 5 on chillis.

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