Review – Too Close to Home

Too Close to Home (Women of Justice series) by Lynette Eason

3* – probably not aimed at me

Ostensibly this book is about a serial killer who is kidnapping young women and then dumping their bodies up to a year later with the weird signature that they have all recently given birth.

Enter Conner and Samantha – he is a specialist in these kind of crimes and she is a hotshot computer forensics analyst. Conner’s teenage daughter Jenna is also involved, at first as a potential victim for the killer and later as revenge/insurance against her father for getting too close to solving the crime.

The storyline is actually pretty good. It’s well written and there aren’t any noticeable spelling mistakes. So why the 3*? Because of all the preaching.

I know that this is supposed to be Christian fiction. It’s not the first and it probably won’t be the last book of this genre that I’ve read. Unfortunately, in this case, it was so evangelical and preachy that it really got in the way of the characters, the dialogue and the storyline. It was also totally unbelievable. Nobody these days lives in a community where everyone involved is so strongly Christian that they go everywhere with their bibles and talk about God all the time. Some of the characters actually came across as being pompous, righteous and unlikeable as a result of the constant pressure they were putting on people around them to go to church and return to God.

I’ve read Christian fiction where the faith is woven into the story sympathetically in a way that gives it grace and warmth, as in the case of a book I recently reviewed. Sadly this is not one of those books.

The author also spends a significant portion of the book setting up for book 2. You, like me, may be a little confused as to what the whole Jamie/Dakota storyline is all about. Suffice to say, judging by the last paragraph, book 2 will be Jamie’s story. I am of 2 minds as to whether or not to buy it. I suspect the story will be excellent but I’m fed up of being preached at.

It scored a 4 on tears and a 0 on chillis.

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