Review – Conviction (Club Destiny #1)

This is a review of Conviction, first book in the Club Destiny series by Nicole Edwards

3* – too long and rambling

I’d heard really good things about this book so I admit that I went into it with high expectations. I’m sad to say that I don’t think it lived up to the hype. I almost gave up around five or six percent in because I was sick and tired of hearing everything and absolutely nothing about Sam’s job. I find it kind of extraordinary that I could read almost three chapters about what she does and end up with absolutely no idea what it is she actually does. More to the point, it doesn’t add anything to the story at all. It could have been completely cut out. The book could have started with her turning up for the job interview without losing anything, apart from almost 10k words of dead weight.

The book was also incredibly repetitive. Sam has a thought. She thinks it ad infinitum. She talks to someone about it. She thinks about it again ad infinitum. Then we have Logan’s POV thinking that Sam is thinking about something. It gets boring pretty quickly. What’s weird is that the book seems to focus on the less important things. We hear all about the most mundane issues, but when Samantha goes away for two weeks to do some serious thinking about her situation, instead of mining that rich seam of personal angst and self-discovery, the author totally skips it and starts the next chapter with “It had been 2 weeks…”. It was a little perplexing.

There were also a few issues with copy editing – wrong words frequently used, such as elicit instead of illicit. Actually, that mistake was understandable, but there were a couple of words that were totally wrong. I wish authors wouldn’t use words they don’t know the meaning of.

The sex scenes were pretty smokin’ but I had already guessed at the first menage a trois that Luke was Logan’s brother, which took some of the shock factor away from it. (Also, what was the point of making such a big deal of Sam’s relationship with the dog Bear when he doesn’t appear anywhere else in the book? Even when they go to Luke’s house the dog isn’t there. That was a little weird.)

I also lost the plot a little and got the giggles during the scene that was supposed to be the whole cataclysmic moment of the book. Why? Because Luke suddenly grew an extra hand. I read the paragraph three or four times and I’m still pretty sure that he needed three hands: one to hold Cole down (with a hand at the base of his spine), one to…uh…prepare the way and an extra one to work his own “tool” at the same time.

I was left after that scene with a feeling of frustration. It was clearly the turning point for Sam and Logan emotionally, but instead of focusing on that, the author used it (I assume) as the set up for book 2, focusing on Luke and Cole instead.

Overall, it was okay but I don’t think I’ll be reading the rest of the series.

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