The new book

Hi 🙂 Ivory here. I know I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been wallowing in a black funk of antisocial creativity. Sorry. I thought I’d cheer myself and you all up by posting the first page of the new book and putting you all out of your misery.

(Please bear in mind that this is pre-edit and very much subject to change!!)

“Do you want to tell me about this?” Blue flinched as the paper slid across the desk towards him. He didn’t need to glance at the lurid headline to know what the story was. He still couldn’t believe he’d snapped and smashed up that guy’s placard.
“I’m sorry, Master.” He said softly, respectfully. “It won’t happen again.”
“I’m not angry with you.” Cal sighed, taking a seat at the desk opposite him. “I’m worried about you. You’ve never lost control before and they’ve been parading out there for weeks. What made you snap?”
That dick had called Noelle a whore. “He was shouting a lot of stuff. I was tired and I’d been drinking.” It wasn’t a lie. “I don’t really know what happened. I just flipped.”
“Well at least you didn’t punch him. The last thing you need is a conviction for assault.” Cal leaned back and studied him carefully. Blue had the distinct and uncomfortable impression that Cal knew he was holding back. Sometimes it was like the Master could read minds. “Blue, whatever it is you’ve got going on, I hope you’ll talk to me about it eventually. If you can’t right now, I understand, but you need to get it together. Noelle needs you.”
“Why?” His heart stopped. “Is she ill? Did she try-“
“Sean broke up with her.” Cal cut short his concerns. “She’s dealing with the break up relatively well but with the whole MTV thing starting next week, she needs support and you’re the one best placed to provide it to her.”
“What?” It was just too much to process. At the knowledge that Sean had broken up with her, it was like a firework had gone off inside his chest, crashing around in his ribcage and sparking off all sorts of emotions. Fierce joy for him, sadness for her, hurt that she hadn’t told him, hope that this might finally be his time…all of them paled in comparison to the roaring of his internal Master that he had to protect what was his. And she was his. She just didn’t know it yet.

“Blue!” A broad smile lit up Noelle’s face when she opened her front door to find him standing on her step. “What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were coming.”
All the carefully rehearsed things he’d intended to say dribbled out of his brain and he blurted out the first words that came to him. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Oh.” Her face crumpled and he moved without stopping to think, gathering her up in his arms and embracing her fiercely.
“What happened, Little Monkey?” He asked gently, rocking her as she tried to get control of herself.
“It’s a long story.” Her voice was muffled against his chest but he couldn’t bring himself to let go yet. “You’d better come in. I’m still getting the odd journalist turning up for photographs.”
“Sure.” He reluctantly released her and followed her into her house. She was staying in her old home while her new one was built just outside town. “How’s the new place coming along?” He asked distractedly. He wished she wasn’t moving. He loved this place and he knew she’d made arrangements to sign it over to the church when she left. It was just so her. It was full of comfort and memories and the little pieces that made up her warm personality. It was everything he’d never had growing up.
“Really well.” She gestured to the sofa and made her way into the kitchen, presumably to put the kettle on. “It’ll be ready next week, they think.” She continued when she returned, taking a seat opposite him on the sofa. “There was some last minute issue with the carpets I ordered, so they aren’t laid yet. The bed is arriving on Monday and the kitchen is already installed, so I’m planning to move in by Friday. I can buy the rest of the furniture and so on when I’m in and have a proper feel for the space.”
“What about all your things from here?” He asked. “Aren’t you taking any of it?”
“No.” Her eyes hardened. “All the furniture and clothes and useful items are going to the charity shop. Everything personal is going into storage until I decide what to do with it. It’s just stuff, Blue, stuff from my old life. It’s not me any more. I want to start afresh.”

Hope you’re all pleased with yourselves that you managed to tempt me away from Raze’s story… 😉

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