Author interview with A. E. Murphy

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d start in again with my lovely friend Alexandra Murphy, author of the Little Bits series.

You can buy her books here:

As you can see, they have excellent reviews. I really enjoyed them so I hope you do too.

I caught up with Alexandra and asked her a few questions:

ME – First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Obviously I think you’re lovely, but for the readers, who are you and why are you nice?

ALEX – The name is Alex, I’m completely dull and uninteresting. My day to day life consists of kids, work, writing and avoiding the housework. I hope that I’m nice, I try to be. Every day I try to do a good deed. Like today for example, I didn’t pound on my neighbour’s wall. I just let him be noisy. Good deed done. (Does this count?)

ME – I’d say that counts! And I totally disagree – you’re not dull and uninteresting. To prove it, tell us about the books that you currently have available for purchase.

ALEX – I have three books available at the moment and two more coming as soon as possible. The three that are out are part of a series I call The Little Bits Series. The first two are two parts to one story, all about Maya and James. The third is about James’ long lost brother Lucas; it is a standalone. I’d say estranged brother but I don’t like that word, it sounds weird. Estranged. Estranged. Yeah. Weird.

Anyway, they’re all contemporary romance, New Adult, Erotic. Etc. Some people think they’re funny too. I prefer the term ‘quirky’.

ME – They suit your nature 🙂 What projects are you currently working on? You mentioned above that there are two coming out soon?

ALEX – I’m currently writing book four of The Little Bits Series, which is all about Marie and Jacob – two other characters from the series that people enjoy.

On top of this I’m working on a new series called The Decerno. It’s another New Adult/Adult series in the paranormal, fantasy genre. There’s a lot going on in this book, that’s why it’s taking so long. It’s almost finished though, so, yay!

ME -That’s great to hear! I look forward to reading them 🙂 With regard to your earlier books, your female characters tend to be sassy and confident on the outside with an inner vulnerability. Is that a personal reflection or is it just the way the genre has shaped your characters?

ALEX – Maybe a bit of both. I’m sassy but not overly so. I enjoy banter, my humour is very dry and I tend to use sarcasm quite a lot. Fortunately, everyone who knows me knows I’m joking. I think a lot of this has come out in my work. Although I think sometimes it’s the louder, happier ones that are hiding the darkest secrets. I think I just wrote my characters how I’d act myself if I were to ever find myself in their situations. When I have inner turmoil I tend to cover it up with humour and wit. I think my characters do the same.

ME – That makes a lot of sense. Let’s lighten the mood a little 🙂 If you could have a date with any guy (or gal!) on the planet, who would it be? And where would you go?

ALEX – Ooh! This is too easy!! Channing Tatum… no… Matt Bomer… but Matt is gay, would that matter? He’s an actor, I could make him play the guy that he played in White Collar, awesome series and you so couldn’t tell he was gay. Okay, this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be… I’m going to say Ian Somerhalder. And we’d go straight to my house… for coffee and movies obviously. Maybe even marshmallows and squeezable chocolate. Mm, squeezable chocolate…

ME – Hahahahaha, we have the same taste in guys…sort of. Ian Somerhalder has amazing eyes! Next random question: If you were a cake, what would you be?

ALEX – Angel cake, because I’m an angel.

ME – Aww lol. What do you listen to while you’re writing? Do you have a special place to write?

ALEX – On my new and awesome couch. I like noise whilst I’m writing because I’m so used to the kids screeching and playing around me whilst I work, that if I don’t have noise, my mind wanders.

ME – If you had unlimited money and time off for a holiday, where would you go and why?

ALEX – I’d see the world, and I’d write a book about it. Taking notes and pictures as I go, then twist it into some weird romance. I’d start at Europe and then go on a cruise around warm islands. Maybe Egypt too. I’d love to see the world. Definitely Japan! That place looks quirky, and I like quirky.

ME – Egypt is amazing! Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Never been to Japan but I would like to go there. Is there a particular author or book that has inspired you, either in the way you write or just to actually start writing?

ALEX – There are many authors and books that inspire me. To narrow it down I’m going to say, my main inspiration would be Kristen Ashley. She writes her books the way she wants to write them and she doesn’t let anybody tell her otherwise. I love this about her.

ME – That is inspirational 🙂 I’ve heard really good things about her books. (You can buy them here: What’s your favourite book?

ALEX – Gah! I have so many! Again I’m going to throw in a Kristen Ashley book. The Golden Dynasty. It’s so raw, powerful and fabulous. I’d recommend it to everyone who is seventeen or over. It’s not exactly a moving book that touches your soul and makes you reconsider your entire being but it does lodge itself in your memory and make you want to read it again!

ME – I haven’t read that one. I’ll have to download it. Tell us something interesting that we don’t know about you.

ALEX – I like to dance and sing really loud whilst I do stuff in the kitchen, be it cooking or cleaning or just having a snack.

ME – Me too 🙂 Okay, so to round off I’m going to ask some quickfire questions! Action or romance? Cake or cheese? Pink or green?

Romance, with action (wink wink).


Both, but the pastel shades not the neon shades and as nail polish not house décor because that would look a little bit weird.

ME – Good call on the cheesecake!! I like your style!

Well thank you so much for dropping by and letting my readers get to know a little bit more about you 🙂

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