Book review – The Plus One Chronicles

This is a book review of The Plus One Chronicles by Jennifer Lyons, available here:

5* – Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!

No word of a lie, this box set made me want to weep for joy. The reason? It contains that most elusive of creatures – a decent alpha male that doesn’t send all my warning flags up by generally being an abusive jerk and using sex as a weapon. He is indeed a rare and wondrous find. I was getting extremely disillusioned by mainstream erotica, full of two-dimensional, controlling, allegedly “beautiful” b******s. I’m considering my faith restored.

Sloane is an entirely different creature. He’s damaged, but with good reason, and he is still a decent man in spite of it. He understands when to push and when no means no. There is no questioning. There is no using sex as a weapon. There’s a man who wants a girl and engages in a relentless yet somehow sweet pursuit.

Kat, the main female character, is interesting. She has a dark past behind her. She’s a believable character, made all the more so by an imperfect personality and and emotional back story. She’s been through some tough stuff. You can’t help but to admire her.

Their relationship is refreshingly honest with none of those stupid contrived misunderstandings that seem to be a standard in most plotlines these days. In fact, it’s nice to see a book in this genre with so much storyline. There’s the whole thread following Kat and Sloane’s agreement, the thread following Kat’s uncovering of her past and the thread of Sloane’s past, all nicely interwoven with a moving sub-plot of the impending death of a man beloved of all the main characters in this book. I’m not ashamed to say I cried at the end. It was very moving.

The book is not perfect. There are moments that are maybe a little superfluous to the plot, but frankly I didn’t care. The book is absorbing, the characters are likeable. You feel for them. The story was interesting and it has to be said that the sex was pretty steamy. There are few masters of the art of speaking dirty like Sloane!!

All in all, I would highly recommend it. The first book is free at the moment but I think it speaks volumes that I finished the last page and immediately downloaded the box set to find out what happened next. Would I buy more by this author? Definitely.

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