TFRK – Turkey and courgette burgers

Tales from Rivvy’s kitchen – a recipe for turkey and courgette burgers

Summer has finally arrived here at Rivivaire (Clarivivo?) Towers and as the temperature is rising, our diets are changing significantly. Gone are the hearty stews and soups of the winter and in their place we’re eating a lot of grilled meats and salads. I’m going to do a couple of posts about out summer diet and what we’ve been eating over the last week or so.

We went to our first barbecue of the summer the weekend before last and had a variation of this dish, which I have since made a couple of times at home with beef and also thoroughly enjoyed.


500g minced turkey
1 onion
1 medium sized courgette (any colour)
1 egg
2 tsp season-all
Salt and pepper


Grate the onion and courgette into a large mixing bowl. Add all the other ingredients and season well. Then mix until the meat begins to break down and the mixture all sticks together.

Form it into patties. It might seem very crumbly but once you’ve made the burgers, put them in the fridge for an hour or so if you can and they’ll firm up.

You can grill or roast them, or they’re perfect for this beautiful barbecue weather we’re having.


The above version is plain but hearty. The first time I made them, I put coarsely chopped thyme in and left them to sit for an hour before cooking and they were delicious. There’s nothing to stop you adding herbs or garlic or even mustard if you’d like an extra bite. Why not try adding finely chopped chunks of chorizo, or even pancetta? Sunblush tomatoes would be a nice summery touch too.

We haven’t tried it with any other vegetable yet, but I suspect mushrooms would probably work if you chopped them finely enough.

As mentioned above, we’ve done this with beef for an equally tasty alternative. Just remember to season extra well if you use beef. I think it would be lovely with either lamb or pork mince.

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