Book Review – Beyond All Boundaries

This is a book review for Beyond All Boundaries by Lea Jerancic, available here:

I gave this book 1* of 5* – did not finish, scenes stolen from television.

I started reading this book with high hopes – it had two glowing reviews. Sadly, I got to 44% in and gave up for a number of reasons.

Although the beginning started out promising, the writing style quickly descended into an immature style, full of telling. She did this, she did that, he did this, he did that…it’s so mechanical and after a while it gets very irritating. I was also a bit gobsmacked that when it came to the first talent show audition, the author COPIED and PASTED the entire section from the practice earlier in the book. It was absolutely verbatim, not one change. I went back and checked. It’s both lazy and disrespectful to the reader, assuming that they wouldn’t notice.

The second thing that made me angry was the fact that this is almost entirely a rip from Ukraine’s Got Talent from last year when a pole dancer won it. I checked this morning and this author has taken not only the music and the costumes, but also the set, the dance moves and descriptions of the judges. The entire talent show set up is exactly the same as UGT too – public audition, semi-final and a final with 12 contestants. If you don’t believe me, the videos are all on YouTube. You can go and check.

The author probably didn’t think anyone reading it would have seen the television show, given that it’s Ukrainian, but unfortunately I had and I wasn’t impressed by her stealing these scenes without any credit to the actual dancer. I looked at the copyright section at the beginning and it states: “Names, characters, places and events are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to events, locations or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.” Really? It’s exactly the same music, costumes, dance, set and descriptions and it’s not a coincidence? For two dances in a row?

I won’t be reading anything else by this author. While I have absolutely no issue with fanfiction at all, it should state that’s what it is, rather than claiming someone else’s work as her own.

2 thoughts on “Book Review – Beyond All Boundaries

  1. WOW now not only do they waste time and money to publish something but they plagiarize a television show. What a sad issue.I dont ever have an issue with fan fiction and I hate seeing people write one star reviews/ratings on Goodreads when they didnt even read the book but label it fan fiction. This book and author just take the cake. GREAT review and comment

    • Thanks 🙂 I cross posted the review on Amazon and the author responded:

      Thanks for your opinion, I really appreciate it. Yes, the practice and the competition scene was the same and that`s because the routine should be the same, I really didn`t mean to disrespect the reader, that wasn`t my attention at all and I`m really sorry you think that.
      Well, as far as the Ukrainian talent show….that dancer inspired me to write this book. She really is an amazing dancer and you`re right, I totally forgot to thank her in my copyright. I`ll fix that right away. I didn`t mean to do that, it really slipped my mind. I don`t know what the judges were saying though, because I don`t understand their language, that was all mine, I wrote that all by myself. But I did use the same music as she did, as I already said, she was my inspiration and I really didn`t mean to be disrespectful, it just slipped my mind. 12 contestants are usually in the finals, when there`s a reality show, that`s why I wrote there were 12 finalists. I only used that two scenes and that`s all. Everyting else is a product of my imagination.

      And again, thank you for notifying me about thanking her in my copyright statement.

      I haven’t responded yet, but I’m not even sure that a credit in the copyright is appropriate. It’s possible she may have to seek permission to reproduce scenes exactly.

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