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Sneaking around with the manager’s daughter. Hollywood marriage bust-ups. Drug addiction and rehab. Secrets and lies, and sex tapes. And that’s just scratching the surface of what goes down when the world’s biggest rock band goes on tour for the summer!

Noah, Cory, Benji, Buzzy and Otis are Jagged Ivory, the hottest rock band on the planet. But they’re also a family who takes care of one another through thick and thin, blood and sibling rivalry be damned. Sexy, fun and irresistible, these guys rock hard, party hard, and love even harder! Come meet the boys of Jagged Ivory, and the women who love them, and let them rock your world!

Join Jagged Ivory on their summer world tour and get all five books in this rock star series – Jagged Hearts, Jagged Dreams, Jagged Addiction, Jagged Secrets and Jagged Surrender – The Essential Jagged Ivory.

So along with the reviews of the Jagged Ivory books, we got to meet up with the Author Lashell Collins with the band in Amsterdam, where they’re currently on tour. It’s a beautiful city and the band’s offical photographer and blogger took a couple of pics for us:


Amsterdam, Netherlands 1

She even got a lovely one of Lashell herself:


I know she’s been getting a lot of questions about the band and the music, so I wanted to ask her about her writing and how she does the research. Many of you will remember that we reviewed her crime series, the Kelly Family series, not that long ago and one of the things I liked the most about it was the depth of knowledge about Police procedure. It’s the same with this series – you get the sense that she’s really done her research about the mechanics of touring with a major band. So I asked her how she goes about it, and this was her response:

Since self-publishing my first book in February of 2013, the one question that I get asked over and over is how do I do my research. And at first I was a little puzzled by it, but now I find the question really flattering because it means that readers feel a thread of authenticity in the stories that I tell and the worlds that I create, whether they’re reading one of my romantic suspense tales or they’re reading my contemporary rockstar series. Either way, it’s a huge compliment that I’m both humbled and flattered by.

When it comes to research for my romantic suspense stories, I have to admit that I do have a secret weapon in my arsenal simply because of who I’m married to. You see, I have a thing for cops … both in the fictional boyfriends I create, and in my real life. My husband of nearly 14 years is a retired police officer, and a former police K-9 handler, and I pick his brain for every cop-related story I write. Sometimes he serves as sort of a “technical consultant,” just confirming how things are done and such. But other times – like in the case of the Kelly Family Series – his old job stories actually become a part of my books. That first crime scene in Ethan feels so gruesome and real because it was. The tracking scene through the woods in Frankie felt so real and creepy because it was. The sledgehammer crime spree in Where There’s Smoke was so unusual and weird because it actually happened. Each of those things were real situations that he went through during the course of his career, and I simply adapted them to the Kelly Family stories. It’s a wonderful trade off. He gets a kick out of contributing to my stories, and I get some truly great authentic material for inspiration!

Unfortunately, this same strategy didn’t exist for my rockstar series, Jagged Ivory, but boy do I wish it had! Alas … no rockstars in my family. It’s really for the best though because I know I would be a blithering idiot if there were. I mean, come on. Can you imagine me if I were married to Slash, or maybe Todd Kerns? God, I’d be so obnoxious, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself!

But anyway … so for Jagged Ivory, I did all my research in less direct ways. I started by reading a few rockstar autobiographies to get sort of a “first hand” account of how things work in the rockstar world. But I also wanted to know how things worked when a band was on tour. Things like how they spent their down time, and how (or even if) most band members really got along with each other. What happened during a soundcheck and what did the backline technicians do – before, during, and after a show. So for all of this kind of information, I sought out accounts from actual guitar, bass, and drum techs and learned what their jobs entailed and how they trained for those jobs, what education went into it, etc. I also watched a lot of full concert performance footage online, paying close attention to the musicians and techs so that I could see how that interaction played out in real time, so to speak. (I had to do this part online because you know as well as I do that when you’re actually at a live concert, you’re much too busy rockin’ to pay any attention to work-related research!).

The end result of all this analysis can be found in the pages of each of the Jagged Ivory books. Or you could get your copy of The Essential Jagged Ivory boxed set and get all five books for one crazy low price for a limited time this summer!

Lashell is also running a giveaway. I’m going to cut and paste the rafflecopter, so I hope it works!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s a little bit more about the author herself:

Lashell Collins spent the last twenty years of her life working in Veterinary Hospitals and Garden Centers. But whether she was surrounded by the adorable puppies and kittens she helped care for, or by the beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs, she constantly pursued her favorite pastime – reading romance novels and imagining herself as the heroine in each and every one of them. She began writing as a way to work through her grief after the loss of a few people who were special to her, and she found it to be cathartic, so she kept at it. She self-published her first novel in 2013. Since then, Lashell has self-published ten titles across two series – the Pierced Trilogy (romantic suspense), and the Jagged Ivory Series (contemporary romance) – and is hard at work on another two series for this year. All of Lashell’s stories are full of heart and romance, with smart dialogue and spicy sex scenes.

When she’s not writing, Lashell enjoys reading, shopping, eating Chinese food, and riding on the back of her husband’s Harley-Davidson. She loves watching General Hospital and Grimm. She is a huge music fan and is completely obsessed with Slash. Lashell is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Drop her a line; she loves to hear from readers.

Website: http://lashellcollins.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LashellCollins

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LashellCollinsAuthor

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lashellcollins1/

We’d like to thank Lashell and the Jagged Ivory boys for letting us host their tour. It’s been amazing and the concert was rockin’! We wish them all the very best for the future. Farewell from sunny Amsterdam!

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