Author interview with Ivory Quinn – Blue Blog Tour

Hi everyone! So, as part of the celebrations surrounding the release of the third book in the Darkness Falls series by Ivory Quinn, I asked her a few questions about the book, available here:

Rivka: We’re here with Ivory Quinn following the release of her new book, Blue, in the Darkness Falls series. It’s been a long time coming, a year or so, so how are you feeling?
Ivory: Honestly? Anxious. Really anxious. The first two were such a hit and did so well that it felt like there was a lot of pressure on me to get this one right. It’s such a different book to the first two as well, which is adding to the anxiety. I’m hoping that the readers will be on board with reading it from Blue’s point of view.

Rivka: I’ve noticed that your ice cream consumption during the creation of this book has been significantly less than when you were writing the first two. Why is that?
Ivory: Probably because this one didn’t feel so personal. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that Noelle’s story was a wildly fictionalised version of my own. In telling the emotional damage and recovery I experienced, I relived a lot of it and learned a lot of things about myself. I didn’t have that with this book; I was a further step removed because it was someone else’s story.

Rivka: It’s really good to see Blue back in the limelight, he’s a favourite character for many readers, but I think it surprised a lot of people how vulnerable he is in this book. Was that intentional?
Ivory: Absolutely. You know it’s something you hear a lot about, people who are funny and brash and confident actually being the most insecure. Blue kind of exploded onto the scene in Redemption as this outrageous, funny and filthy guy and I wanted to show that he has more depth than that. Sometimes strength is based on weakness. In his case, he has a troubled past and in not dealing with it properly, he’s built a false sense of control. Underneath it, he’s still that sweet, funny and loving guy. Falling in love is a surrender. You have to break down your walls and let someone in and he didn’t have enough depth to do that in Redemption.

Rivka: You’ve put together a playlist for this book and I thought I’d help out by creating a list on Youtube for the readers! ( ). How important was music to you while you were writing this?
Ivory: Thanks for the play list! That’s awesome. Music is always important to me while writing. It’s a subjective thing for me. A lot of the time I’m not in the mood to write. I’ll have had a long day at work and coming home and trying to launch into it cold doesn’t work for me. The way I get around that is to listen to music that’s in the same “mood” as the current location of the story. If it’s angry or tense, I’ll roll with rock and metal. If we’re into the sexy times, Adaline is a sure bet to get me online, or sometimes a bit of Maroon 5. If it’s sad, I’ll go with the old school tracks that remind me of times and places in my life that were poignant, like the Jimmy Eat World song. Spotify has become my new favourite thing. I like to just let it choose music for me and I’ve discovered some great new bands and tracks through it.

Rivka: Of the play list, what’s your favourite track?
Ivory: I don’t know! That was just a small selection of favourites from a playlist of about 200 or more that I’ve been listening to. If they’ve made the short list, I’ve really enjoyed them for one reason or another. It’s hard to pick one favourite.

Rivka: I don’t know if anyone else is going to be brave enough to ask this, so I’m just going to come right out with it. How much technical research did you have to do for this book?
Ivory: If you’re asking if I’ve ever fisted anyone, the answer is no! Learning rope is an ongoing thing for me. I don’t get as much practice as I’d like to because I just don’t have time, but I learn new knots every now and then. Further than that, I’m not prepared to say. A lady doesn’t kiss and tell.

Rivka: I think you’ve said enough. So what’s next for our band of merry men?
Ivory: By the time this interview goes out, the announcement will have been made, so I can say that the next book is going to be Jax’s. It was originally supposed to be my Papa Bear’s, but I’ve had an overwhelming response from readers after Redemption and after Jax’s session where they were desperate to know what happened with him. Without jigging around the timeline too much, it makes sense to do his next so that’s what I’m working on at the moment. He’s taken some pretty heavy hits lately, losing his best friend and Noelle breaking his heart. A lot of people loved Jasmine from the session, but she’s broken his heart too, in the worst kind of way. This is a story about his ascension and I suppose it’s not that dissimilar to Noelle’s. He’s tried to drown his grief in booze and sex and he needs someone to smack him with some home truths before he crashes and burns. I think I’ve come up with the perfect, sassy and yet also vulnerable woman.

Rivka: Is there a projected timeline for that? Do you know when it’ll be finished?
Ivory: Not a clue. Hopefully by the end of the year. I’ve been getting back into the groove lately so as soon as all the promo for Blue is over and done with, I’m going to get stuck back into the writing. I might even do NaNoWriMo.

Rivka: And what about other projects? I know you’ve been working on a couple of other things outside the Darkness Falls world.
Ivory: Yes. Like most writers I get ideas constantly and I’ll note them down. Some fit into the Darkness Falls world and others don’t. With the ones that don’t, I’ve been quietly sketching out plots and characters. Maybe next year you’ll all have something completely different to read.

Rivka: We’re all looking forward to it, I’m sure! I think I’ve taken up enough of your time, so I’ll call it quits here. Is there anything you’d like to say before you go?
Ivory: Just thank you really. If anyone hasn’t seen the dedication in Blue, it’s to the readers. Over the last 18 months, they’ve kept me busy and laughing and kept me company too. I’ve met some amazing people and made one or two dear friends. Their support and encouragement has been humbling and I’m grateful for it every day.

I hope you’re all as excited about this book as we are! To whet your appetite even more, here is a teaser for the book 🙂
Red teaser 1

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