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This is a review for Secrets of Lunar Falls by Lashell Collins, available here:

They sent me some awesome things in the press pack so this might be picture heavy!

Here’s the book synopsis:

When veterinarian, Dr. Carly Tipton, takes a new job in the tiny farming community of Lunar Falls, she expects to build a new life for herself. She expects to meet new people and have new experiences. Maybe she’s even expecting a little adventure. But what she’s not expecting is to fall head over heels in love – not with the town, and certainly not with its ruggedly sexy sheriff, Gabriel Masters. She’s also not expecting all the secrets Lunar Falls is hiding. Secrets that could destroy everything she ever believed was true about her own heritage and the family she left back home.

Gabe isn’t ready for Carly when she blows into town. That woman has the power to bring him – a man born and raised to be a GrandAlpha – to his knees, and she’s human! That simple fact alone makes her dangerous to Gabe’s position within the pack. But the fact that he can’t seem to stay away from her tells him that this woman is the one. Human or not … she’s his mate. And now Gabe has to find a way to make their bonding complete without sparking a civil war among his people.

Secrets of Lunar Falls is book one of an adult, sexy shifter romance trilogy.

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If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the name Lashell Collins, it’ll be right here on the blog! I’ve previously reviewed the Kelly Family series and the Jagged Ivory books and enjoyed them, so it was nice to see something in a completely different vein from her. She’s previously done rock star and law enforcement family, so paranormal is a complete break and it was good to read.

On the surface this is quite a simple Romeo and Juliet type story. Dr Carly Tipton is the new veterinarian in town. Gabe Masters is the town’s sheriff. They meet, it’s love at first sight and the politics make it near impossible. Deeper down it’s an interesting exploration of race/species politics and the nature of love vs. family and duty. Does Gabe stick to the current accepted ways or does he go back to the really old ways, back to his roots?

I like Lashell’s style of writing. It’s good to see her growing and changing and there are nowhere near as many typos in this as there have been in some of her other books, so that’s definitely positive. I thought the characters were vibrant. They come across as realistic and it’s easy to get emotionally invested with them. Carly in particular is warm and occasionally funny, but at the same time she has realistic and difficult decisions to make that she struggles with in a way that makes you sympathise. She’s just come out of a bad relationship breakup and doesn’t want to mess up her arrival at the new town. Anyone would feel that way in a new place. There are a great cast of supporting characters too and in this case they don’t just provide comic relief, as so often happens in PNR. They have angst and troubles of their own that feed into the general conflict of the book. Gabe’s sister provides a cautionary tale that overarches the main story arc, making the reader want Gabe to make the right choice.

As always, the research that Lashell puts into her work is flawless. There’s a lot of information about dog-wolf hybrids in this book as Carly has one (Lobo?). It’s easy to see that the author has an affinity with dogs, particularly if you’ve read the Kelly family series and know about the K9 unit she’s written about before.

In fairness, there were some aspects of this that I found a little bit disappointing. It had the potential to be a deeply complex story that explores the nature of pack dynamics, history and family ties but it kind of glossed over them a little bit, possibly to the detriment of the depth of investment in the story. There were also a couple of clumsy scenes near the beginning, which gave the lead into the discovery that there are werewolves in the town of Lunar Falls. I understand why they were there and to give Lashell credit, it’s a very difficult thing to fit that much back story and lore seamlessly into a contemporary romance. She handled it better than many I’ve read but there was room for improvement.

What was interesting about this, although it’s not necessarily to do with the actual book, is accepted werewolf lore now. The book uses terms like “imprinting”, which is of course familiar from the Twilight series. The nerd in me just thought it was kind of fascinating that it’s now a standard accepted term in shifter writing. If you’re not someone that’s read much shifter fiction, some of the terminology might throw you a little, but it is explained.

All in all I did enjoy this book. It has the potential to be a really great series. This book foreshadowed a lot of buried secrets and history that will need to be dug up and I really hope that Lashell does dig deeper into the politics of the pack, as well as the town, as the series progresses. Looking forward to the next one!


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Finally, in case you missed it in previous tour posts, here is a little bit about the lovely Lashell and all the places you can find her:

Author Bio & Links:

Lashell Collins is an American author of romantic suspense, contemporary and paranormal romance. She spent the last twenty years of her life working in veterinary clinics and garden centers in her home state of Ohio, and is now living her dream of writing full-time. When she’s not busy tapping away on her laptop and living vicariously through her characters, she can usually be found watching TV, rocking out to Slash, stuffing her face full of Chinese food, or riding on the back of her husband’s Harley-Davidson. Give her a shout, she loves to hear from readers!
Amazon Author Page:
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