The Writing Process Project – Original Sin

Hey all,

I’ve had an idea kicking around in the back of my thoughts for a while now about something I wanted to try and this week I finally started making it happen. One of the questions I get asked so often in various formats is how I write. People ask me where I get my ideas from, how long it takes, how do I seem to write so quickly and with seemingly so little planning. The truth is that appearances are deceiving. I’m usually planning three or four books in advance so by the time I sit down to write it, it’s fully formed and ready to just pour out.

What I wanted to do was give you all some idea of the process, how long it takes in real terms, where my head is at etc. I wanted to record a series of videos so you can connect with me and with my process. Last week the final pieces of a jigsaw puzzle for a book I’d been considering finally started gelling together so I decided to seize the moment and start recording the first vlogs.

The book I’ve chosen has a working title of “Original Sin”, although that may change later in the process, and if you stay with the journey, it’ll cover everything from bouncing ideas around to what happens after I hit the publish button. The first two have already been recorded and uploaded. The first covers how I gather ideas and how I blend them together. The second talks about my advice on how to choose a place to set a book and how I go about researching that and the tools that I use to do so.

I want it to be interesting, but also useful, so I hope it helps those of you out there that are curious or looking for inspiration. The videos will all be in this playlist:

And I’ll be linking in with my Pinterest account too. So dive on in and feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions.

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