Welcome to Diverse Books Month!

August is finally here! After a lot of planning and scheduling and great conversations with amazing people, we at Spice-Ivory Towers are so delighted to bring you Diverse Books Month that we can barely contain ourselves.

For a long time I’ve seen the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks going around on Social Media, but it wasn’t until I was drawn into a conversation with several authors about the struggles they face getting noticed in the book community that it occurred to me that I could make a difference. With the help of those authors (and a few others we picked up on the way) we now bring you a whole month of posts from diverse authors.

When I say diversity I think that encompasses people of all races, religions, abilities and sexual orientations. I wanted this month to showcase some of the best diverse fiction out there. We were as inclusive as we could be in seeking out authors of colour and authors of faith-based books. We have features from authors in the LGBTQ+ community and a few mentions from authors writing characters with different abilities. We’ve hit on just about every genre, from Sci-Fi to literary fiction, to historical, to erotica, with age ranges from youth to adult.

I guess that’s the whole point of this month. There will be something for EVERYONE.

You can expect a new post every day, sometimes two. Most include a short interview of five questions. Some have guest posts from the relevant author and a few of them have reviews or book spotlights.

A Facebook event has been created for the month and the authors have been encouraged to drop in and say hello there, so check it out and you might see some familiar names: https://www.facebook.com/events/1613539978934817/ I know a few of the authors intend to do giveaways, so keep checking back for the chance to win free books.

The first post will go live at 0700 hours GMT and it’s a feature post of author Yasmin Selena Butt.

Enjoy yourselves. Check out the book recommendations. Meet new people. Plan your own event to spread the love like I did. Find new books. Go on new adventures. Pay it forward.


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