Author spotlight – Ghiselle St. James

I’m so excited to announce that Ghiselle St. James is joining us on the blog today! She’s a lovely lady that’s lived a fascinating life and I’ve seen her books recommended several times. When I had the responses to her interview questions, they were so thought-provoking and interesting that I’ve thought about them several times in the days since. I hope you find them as fascinating as I did! I’ll let her introduce herself:

Ghiselle St. James is a Jamaican author who has a never-ending love for written thoughts: poetry, song lyrics and non-fiction. She has been writing erotic novels since she was 13 years old which made her popular with the boys (hehe). Writing has been her outlet, as has singing, for most of her life, and will continue to be.

I really hate talking about myself in the third person…

Having graduated in 2010 from the Jamaica Theological Seminary, with an honors’ degree in Social Work, the writer in me seemed to reawaken and has yet to go back to sleep.

I completed my first novel in January of 2013 and had never felt so accomplished in my life. Since then I have published four books and have no plans on stopping any time soon.

I write what’s in my heart as it’s hard to separate my heart from anything I write. As a result, characters that are real to me often come out. I pray my passion brings you as much joy as it has brought me.

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1. What does the term “Diverse books” mean to you?
Diverse books, to me, is the epitome of all that is different. It is not just about cultural diversity, but also encompasses spiritual, sexual, even plot diversity. So, it’s not just about the guy getting the girl. It could be the guy getting the girl, losing the girl, fighting hard for the girl, the girl finally accepting that they were meant to be, only for her life to be cut short & for her to leave a kid behind, and the guy realizing that there was only one woman for him, his daughter, to love & cherish & show her what a real man is, for the rest of his life. Not what you expect, right? It’s different. It’s new. It’s unique. That’s what diversity means to me, uniqueness.

2. You have a really fascinating background, born and raised in Jamaica with a strong background in music. How does that influence your writing?
Music has been a major part of my life ever since I was a child. I used to do lyrical dancing & my father introduced me to Tracy Chapman for me to practice my moves to her songs. I credit my musical diversity to my father, who is now a lover of Lady Gaga as a 61yr old man. LOL!!! If I am experiencing a block, I listen to music to get my mind right. Sometimes, it takes a random song to give me inspiration for a brand new story. However, listening to music and writing is a HUGE no-no for me….nothing would get done because I would be singing on top of my lungs. LOL!!! Also, most of my characters and books have a musical background. There will always be music in anything I write. 🙂

3. You attended seminary and are still working with Christian youth camp. What are your thoughts on faith in fiction, especially in relation to young adult literature?
I think faith is present in most fiction we read nowadays, whether it is explicitly said or not. Let me tell you why: A guy has to have faith that he will get the girl. The girl has to have faith that her love will be reciprocated. No? It is a basic interpretation of the word, but ’tis faith nonetheless, right? Now spirituality in fiction is making some headway, with recent hits such as Priest by Sierra Simone. “Faith”, in that sense, can be so very sensual. In Songs of Solomon (Songs of Songs), Solomon pens a myriad of odes to his lover and it is beautiful as it is sexual. Sex began with God. The Bible said that the marriage bed is undefiled, so God designed sex for us all. However, for the books that are erotic in nature, that involves sex between unwed individuals, I don’t see where there is an avenue for spiritual beliefs. It is much too contrary to tie God to rape, to tie God to fornication. “God wanted me to have sex with 20 women….”??? I don’t think so. LOL! I write about fornication; I cuss a lot in my novels, but my faith in God still remains. I do plan on using it in novels in the future and it might spark outrage, but I see sex and faith as a beautiful marriage. When you have sex, it almost feels divine, doesn’t it?

4. Do you have any words of advice for authors wanting to write diverse books?
WRITE THEM! If you have an idea that you think is diverse, write it. Don’t be swept up with the norm & what is popular. Go with your gut. At the end of the day you have to be happy with what you write. And if you need an audience, just holler! I’ll read the shit out of it for you!

5. Please tell us some of your favourite diverse authors and/or books.
Zel, by Shantaye Brown…she is a Jamaican author. The Hitman series & Jaded Hearts by Olivia Linden….she is of Jamaican descent. The Life of Anna series by Marissa Honeycutt…..each plot is so dark & diverse that it will have your head spinning! Casting the First Stone by Kimberla Lawson Roby, who writes African American Christian Fiction.

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Ghiselle has kindly agreed to let us run an author spotlight showcasing her work, so please read through the following descriptions and excerpts and you’ll find her social media links at the bottom. (warning for some steamy scenes ahead!)

South Row cover

South Row: A Comedic Romance

(Debut Novel)
Southerlynn Row crept into my bed one night and I don’t know how it happened, but one minute I was telling her to leave and the next…well, the next I was her first and then she disappeared from my life like a specter in the night and I never saw her again.

For ten years I wondered where she was and for ten years I’ve been haunted by her memory. I am locked into a union I do not want to be in, with a woman that I do not love, because even after ten years this redhead still haunts my dreams and my fantasies. Just when I think that I’ve buried that part of my life, the past comes back with a vengeance.

A night out with the boys at a strip club was what I needed after a long and grueling case that I ended up winning. I wasn’t prepared for who I’d see headlining the stage that night, though. And once I saw her, my heart – and other…um, organs – started pulsating again.


Ten years ago, I seduced the man I loved and walked out of his life. Ten years later, and I plan on doing it again. If only I can stop embarrassing myself in front of him: like face-planting on the floor during a sexy dance as I try to lure him back into my life…and my lacy boy shorts.

I’ve had a messed up past, but Collin Danes made it all worth it to experience day by day. I spent ten years of my life without him. I refuse to do it again.

I’m a grown woman now. And if I’m going to get what I want, I’m going to need a plan. When something is meant to be, nothing or no one – no matter how rich and pretty they are – can stand in the way.

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I’d gotten home that night and immediately taken the coldest shower I could manage. Seeing Collin after all those years did nothing to assuage my feelings or my reaction to him. I was so turned on throughout our reunion that I wondered how I didn’t spontaneously combust. I saw that in a porn parody once.

Still heated and turned on after the shower I laid in bed, kicking off the sheets because they were clinging to my already sensitized body. I had squeezed my eyes shut, trying to force myself to sleep, but images of Collin between my legs – with various parts of his anatomy – filtered through. Now, I have never received cunnilingus before – who even calls it that? – but I have seen it in porn, and I’ve watched those…a lot. Okay, don’t judge me.

Butterflies flitted through my belly and I found myself skimming my fingers down into my panties. I was already slick down there so I slipped my fingers further down my waxed pussy to my swollen clit.

My night subsequently ended with me throwing my vibrator across the room and me crying myself to sleep in frustration, because even after two orgasms, I was still so fucking horny. My last thought as I drifted off to sleep, was if they made female Viagra.

Well…do they?

I never stopped

Tainted Love (Tainted Love #1)

The first in a new three book series from Ghiselle St. James:

Tainted Love e-cover (2)

This is not a fairytale. This is not a story of a woman who is perfect. This is not the story of a perfect couple that sails off into the sunset. This is gritty. This is frustrating. This is heartbreaking. This is my story, hard as it may be to tell.


My name is Sullivan Beal – at least, that’s what I tell people – and I live life by my own rules. Most of my adult life has been spent hiding from my past. That is, until I meet him face-to-face.

Ben Hayes is the demanding C.O.O. who is hell-bent on having me for himself. But, I’m wrong for him. I know it, the universe knows it.

If he ever found out who I really am, how utterly tainted I am, he wouldn’t waste his time wanting me. There are things in my past that would destroy everyone in my wake.

But Ben is relentless, trying to break down the walls around my heart that a messy past has caused me to construct. It’s a pity he doesn’t know…I am too tainted for love.

“Love isn’t for me, and my kind of love is too tainted, too blemished to share with anyone.”

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Lightly shoving me on my back, he spreads my legs open and falls to his knees. He massages my swollen clit with his thumb over my panties. My hips shamefully start swaying to his ministrations. I want him desperately

He quickly slips off my underwear, amused that I am so wet for him – to the point where my inner thighs are damp with my juices. Ben starts licking my inner thighs and placing soft bites that I feel in my groin.

“Ben, please,” I beg, not liking where things are going. I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of cunnilingus. I enjoy and prefer giving head and that’s as far as oral sex goes for me. Besides, none of the hell-of-a-lot-of guys I have had sex with ever did it right.

Kissing my clit, my core clenches and my stomach does this sweet fluttering that surprises me. Is that anticipation?

“All in due time,” he whispers as he blows on my opening, his breath tickling my sensitive flesh.

My body goes limp with want as anticipation builds like a storm inside me. I am helpless, a pawn to his pleasure. Ben parts my folds and before I can lift a hand in protest, he covers my clit, sucking ever so gently. I arch my back at the sensuous assault, my eyes doing a weird turning in my head and my mouth doing a retarded parting. I dig into the sheets, thrusting my hips up to meet his mouth. Oh. My. Oh…

“God!” I scream in delight, pounding the bed at the ecstatic feel of his mouth on me. This is what it feels like! A girl could get used to this!

Ben continues to suckle me, slipping his tongue inside and licking me deep. I almost fly off the bed with all the sensations attacking me, but he holds me in place. Confusion swirls around my head as pleasure overtakes my body. Incoherent words explode from my lips and I dig my fingers into his hair, gripping tightly to the strands. He is a man on a mission as he sucks harder at my sensitized clit and I feel like I am about to explode, my orgasm creeping up on me and startling me.

“Fuck! I’m coming, Ben,” I wail, my body stiffening, ready to explode.

He slips two fingers inside my warm, soaking wet core and crooks them repeatedly inside me. It is almost like he is calling – no, commanding – my orgasm to come forth. And just like that, I shatter around him with a fierce cry; my body vibrating with an earth-shattering climax.

I'll take the dream

Broken Love (Tainted Love #2)

The second in a three book series by Ghiselle St. James.
Broken Love cover

This isn’t a perfect story. It’s gritty, dark, frustrating but beautiful. Love isn’t all hearts and flowers and bullshit declarations that are hollow and empty. If you love someone, you have to PROVE you’re worth they’re love. The road to happily ever after is paved with mistakes and horrible decisions…don’t hold mine against me.



I have been captured by the only person I hate in this life; a person that I once foolishly loved. He is poison to me. Will I ever be free of him? Will I ever see Rachel again? Will I ever see my parents, my brother again? And Ben…will he ever know how I feel about him? So many wasted days I spent resisting him. A tear trickles down my face at that; because as I see Rick shaking that needle with a wicked gleam in his eye, I know this is the last time anyone will ever see me alive.


I’ve worked very hard to maintain this control I have, but in just a few weeks Sullivan Beal came into my life and toppled my carefully constructed walls, and for a moment I didn’t care. Now that she is out of my life, I should be happy…but all I can do is think about her; how I miss her smile and how she made me feel free. I have to get her back. The love I have for her may not be perfect, but our relationship scarcely is. And that’s what makes it perfect. She may be tainted with demons from her past that she holds close to her chest, but I will free her from them; because as frustrating as my sweet girl is…I’m in this for the long haul. She might be broken, but I love her anyway.

But one phone call…that dreaded phone call has me in a tailspin. Sullivan is kidnapped & it’s a race against time to find her before he hurts her…
Or worse…

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Ben's Submission (on Amazon)


I lean in and take her lips, licking and sucking them, begging for entry with my tongue. She grants me access and when our tongues touch, it is like an electric jolt. Delilah’s soft moans trigger an animalistic desire in me and I grip her tighter.

The minx she is, she starts to gyrate on my lap as she feels my cock hardening beneath her. My chest is pounding. I need her desperately, but I know we can’t. We shouldn’t.

I’ve been beating off in the shower so far – to muffle my sounds – sometimes three times a day when a cold shower doesn’t work. Avoiding Delilah has proven to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in my life; especially when she prances around here in sweat pants that fall low on her waist and tank tops that contour her breasts and show a peeking of her stomach. It’s even worse when she cuddles up with me at night in pajama shorts that barely cover her meaty round ass and those stupid tank tops she wears without a bra. I’ve had to restrain my roaming hands on too many occasions and put pillows in between us so I don’t poke her with my throbbing dick. Not touching her has been especially hard since her skin is so soft and supple.

Now here I am, kissing those lips because I’ve been starved too long, and caressing her body like my life depends on it. I don’t stand a chance with her grinding into me like this, but, I have to be strong. I need to put up some kind of resistance.

I practically tear myself away from her, even as my lips continue to search for her when we part. She whimpers and tries to pull me to her but with my hands on her shoulders, I keep her in place.

Staring at her with lust-filled eyes, I try to calm my breathing and my raging hormones. I find myself kissing her again. How the hell did that happen?

“Please, Ben,” she begs. Oh fuck. Don’t say it, baby. “I want you.” She does.

Having Delilah tell me she wants me is like a switch flicking on in my brain. I love when she begs for it; it restores my control…but we all know I’m putty in her hands.

“We can’t,” I say against her lips, even as I push my hands under her tank top. Don’t do it, man! If I touch her breasts, I’m done.

“We can. Ben, I need you.” She angles her body away from me and God if she doesn’t look sexy with her bruised, kiss-plumped lips.

“Take their touch away.” Tears build in her eyes and I see the desperation in them and feel the desperation of her words. “Please…”

Complicated: A Tainted Love Novella (Released April 25, 2015)

Seven years ago, a secret had torn them apart, but their love always pulled them back together. Things have taken a turn for the worse, and once again, circumstances have brought them together. Can Rachel continue to hide behind her past, or will she stop running from the one man she would love forever? Can Marshall get his girl back, or will it always be a complicated cycle of make ups and break ups?

He is my ocean

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I stretch my limbs, sore in all the right places. I stare at the hickies dotting my torso and breasts, the bruises along my hips where Marshall dug his fingers, and the wetness between my thighs. I squeeze my legs together at the building need. Last night was…

“Fuck, you feel good, Rachel,” Marshall moaned.

“Oh, God, Marshall, fuck me hard!” I screamed, going out of my mind with pleasure.

“Jesus Christ, you’re fucking loud,” Marshall commented, driving into me deeper and harder, making my core gush all over his hard cock.

“Then stop fucking me so good!” I half-moaned, half-demanded on a particularly expert thrust.

“Want me to gag you? I’ll fucking gag that dirty fucking mouth, Rae,” he warned, sinking his teeth into my shoulder, causing me to cry out in ecstasy.

“I fucking dare you, asshole,” I goaded him, thrusting my hands into his dark hair and pulling hard.

“I’ll shove my cock deep down your throat to shut you up,” he threatened, making my pussy tighten in delight.

“And I’d love it,” I challenged, hoping he’d take the bait.

I smile. It’s all I can do. I had Marshall again and it was explosive, as it always is between us; but more than that, we connected again. I turn on my side and gaze at his sleeping form, trailing my finger along his bicep. His hair is a mess, there are scratches down his back, and hickies on his collarbone that continue down his chest to his hips.

I was with him and it felt like old times, like we had no care in the world. It was just me and him, bodies melding, hearts binding, souls entwining. For a moment, it was impossible to tell where I ended and he began. We existed in each other and in that moment we were one. Nothing else mattered. It was just us and the love we still had for each other in spite of all that happened between us.


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