Interview with LaToya Murchison

Today on the blog we’re delighted to be featuring author and poet LaToya Murchison!

Toya2 (2)

1. What does the term “Diverse Books” mean to you?
To me Diverse Books covers a wide range of topics that do not have a limit on them. They can include poetry, love, hate, grief, race and religions just to name a few things. Have diverse books means that there is something that everyone can read.

Book-2 (2)

2. You are the founding member of D.O.V.E. Please tell us a little bit about this group and how it promotes diversity and unity.
D.O.V.E (Daughters of Virtue) was established to united Daughters of Virtue who strive to encourage and empower other women and members of their community. To promote unconditional love, peace unity and the importance of understanding and respecting women’s individual’s rights to choose a spiritual path. Daughters of Virtue has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination among members on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, culture, nationality or political affiliation.

Poetic Expressions

3. We’ve had a lot of authors this month speaking to us about diversity in fiction, but no-one has spoken to us about poetry yet. Your second book, Poetic Expressions, is a book of poetry. Do you feel the same challenges apply to poetry as novels in terms of diversity in literature?
Yes writing poetry has the same challenge as writing any other book. You still have to include something that touches your readers. They only difference I can think is is that poetry is more lyrical and comes from your heart. The type of diversity that you convey to your readers will depend on the type of emotions you are looking to receive.

Never Stop Prayng

4. How does your faith influence your writing?
My faith plays a huge part of my writing because writing allows my soul to breathe new life and heal with every piece I write. It allows me to encourage other to keep holding on no matter how rough thigs may get in your life

Raped of my peace

5. Please share with us some of your favorite diverse authors and/or books.
Adrienne Thompson, Imani Wisdom, Joy Avery, Yvette Bentley, Barbara Joe Williams, Joyce Meyers, Charmaine Galloway

Your Wings (Heavens Angels)2

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