New books! New Projects!

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since we did a personal update, especially with Diverse Books Month going on. It was a huge success all round and once again we’d like to extend our thanks to everyone that took part, both the participants themselves and everyone who read, liked, commented and shared. It was a great event with a lot of interaction and saw an unprecedented number of hits on our blog. We’re definitely planning to do it again next year and make even more new friends!

You’d think that after all that, we’d slow down and take a bit of a break. You’d be wrong!

Ivory’s new novella, The Night Palace, is out TODAY!!
Midnight 2
They say that he is handsome beyond measure. They say that he will grant you whatever your heart may desire. They say that his skill is as wicked and delicious as sin.

They say that one night with him will ruin you for any other man.

When Jenna Alleyne publishes an article rubbishing the urban legend of The Night Palace and its enigmatic resident, the last thing she expects is an invitation from the man himself. With her integrity on the line and a deep curiosity desperate to be assuaged, there’s really only one thing for it.

She must accept the invitation and visit The Night Palace, but what lengths will she go to in order to get her story before she leaves the home of the man they call Midnight?

US UK Germany Canada Australia

We’re excited about this and she’s anxiously awaiting the first reviews to roll in.

Rivka also has exciting news!!

After a long wait (more than 18 months) of the query and submissions process, she has decided to take the plunge and publish A Kiss from the Grave, her horror romance novel. She’s still commissioning the cover art so we can’t share that with you, but prepare yourselves. The beta readers (and an agent) said they didn’t sleep for weeks afterwards! Really, she’s so excited to bring this to you because she loved writing it so much and thinks it’s probably her best work to date. It’ll be published (if the cover art is received in time) on Halloween, 31st October 2015. Get excited!!

There’s still no news about Saltire Rising, the historical novel spanning 300 years. It’s still under submission but we’ll let you know as soon as something comes back.

There is news about Coven! There’s only one and a half scenes to write, so it’s still on course to be published at the end of this month, pending any disasters with editing and beta reading 🙂
Coven small

Our final piece of news is not so good for us, but a great opportunity for you.
Last weekend one of Rivka’s dogs was rushed to a specialist veterinary hospital for spinal surgery. It was touch and go whether she’d survive it, but she did and now she’s starting the long road to recovery. The surgery was 5 days ago and she’s still unable to stand or move without a sling and she’ll be in a crate for six weeks until her spine heals up. The vets bills are still coming in, with a final total expected of in excess of £5000. It’s a real blow to the family who are just trying to do their best, so we’ve teamed up to offer some amazing rewards for a crowdfunding project, which you can find here:
Words for a life
Ana Banan 2
Rewards include getting to name characters, digital book bundles, manuscript critiques, Christmas cards, skype sessions with us where you can ask anything you want and acknowledgements and dedications. We’ll be adding further rewards this weekend for those of you that aren’t into literary pursuits, which will include one on one textiles courses, pieces of jewellery and some felted items straight from Rivka’s workshop. We’re open to suggestions if there are things you’d like to donate money for that aren’t on there.

Following on from the momentum of last month, we’re making a conscious effort to review more of the books we read, so don’t be surprised if you see an increased frequency of reviews coming across your feed.

That’s all the news from Spicer-Ivory Towers. Hope you’re all well!
Love and light xx

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