Book review – The Touch

This is a book review for The Touch by Lisa Olsen, available here.

 I downloaded this book for free after it was recommended by a friend and I’m so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Lexi has am unusual gift – when she touches an object, she can see its past including where it has been and the people who have handled it. When her brother in law and niece go missing, her sister calls her in to help find them.

This is a great read, with nonstop action and occasional humour. The style is easy to read and I finished the book in three sittings. The characters are great, all a little flawed but likeable nonetheless.

The book is a long way from perfect, not least because it’s so patently off kilter when it comes to certain situations. Even accepting Lexi’s abilities, it’s a bit too much of a stretch of the imagination that any Police officer in his right mind would romantically pursue a witness in a case, particularly when that witness is so close to the main players.

Luckily, the rest of the book stands up enough on its own to make it easy to gloss over the occasional faux pas.

I didn’t find it as scary as other reviewers had, but I can see why they did.

The story was mostly well constructed and I didn’t see the twist coming, even though it was obvious in hindsight.

Overall, I really did enjoy this and would have no qualms recommending it to anyone looking for a fun, fast – paced supernatural thriller. I’ve ready downloaded another of Olsen’s books and I’m excited to see where she takes me next!

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