Book review – Wake Me When The Sun Goes Down

This is a book review for Wake me when the Sun goes down, book one of the Forged Bloodlines series by Lisa Olson.

I recently read and reviewed another of Olsen’s books and loved it, so it didn’t take much persuasion to download this, despite recently becoming disenchanted with the whole vampire trope. I am so glad I did as I thoroughly enjoyed it and am halfway through book 2 as I type.

Despite featuring a lot of the classic vampire lore, this feels like a fresh take on the genre because it reads as a mystery novel. The book begins with a girl waking up in a morgue with no idea who put her there. It also had (I think) a fresh take on vampire mythology which I really liked.

Significant parts of it were reminiscent of the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning (which I have previously reviewed) but in a good way. The confused and unsuspecting heroine with the secretive dark, and brooding man are common to both series.

Olsen is fast becoming an author I will read whenever I see her books. I thoroughly recommend that you at least try this series if, like me, you wanted your faith restored in the urban fantasy genre.

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