Book review – Claimed

This is a review for Claimed by Evangeline Anderson, Sci-Fi (Alien) erotica, which is free to download.

It has to be said that this book was a pleasant surprise. I don’t remember downloading it. Aliens aren’t usually my thing and the cover didn’t really give it away when I selected it on my kindle.

Perhaps for that reason, the beginning felt a bit clunky to me. It opens with an intense stalking scene which I was okay with. It seemed to make sense. It then transitions to a warm scene between twin sisters and a friend and I was loving the interaction between them. Then, all of a sudden, there’s a massive info-dump about the alien invasion that happened three years previously with a (perhaps badly detailed) explanation of what it means to be “drafted”. At first I thought it was some sort of all female warrior battalion so I got a bit confused.

Anyway, once that is all out of the way and the inevitable has happened, the story really gets going and, let me tell you, it is steamy. Steeeeeeeamy. STEAMY. And a little more steamy.

Considering there’s not an awful lot of plot (it’s essentially a fortnight long seduction scene), Anderson has constructed a remarkably rich world and it’s easy to get absorbed in. The culture and tiny details are built with effortless finesse in near invisibility so that you don’t realise quite how clever they really are.

The thing I loved most about this book was how surprisingly hilarious it was. I read the pizza scene (Cow squeezings!!!) over my lunch break and kept breaking down into giggles all afternoon every time I thought about it. It’s still funny now, hours later.

There’s a fair bit of set up for the second book of the series, with characters being introduced and hints dropped about where the future lies. There’s a clear over-arching storyline with regard to the AllFather that explains little enough to leave the reader intrigued and wondering what the prophecy is about. I didn’t hesitate to download the second book in the series.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to spend their reading session all hot and bothered. There’s an awful lot of dirty talk and graphic intimacy but it’s well written and not cringe-worthy. There are also a lot of jokes about bad sex that SO many people can relate to.

A lone word of warning – this series is a commitment. When I looked up the author on Amazon to write this review, I discovered that the series is at least 16 books long and at £2.99 each you don’t want to fall in without considering the cost. That said, there is an omnibus edition of the first 4 books so you can save a small bundle there.

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