Book review – Switched by Evangeline Anderson

This is a book review for Switched, Brides of the Kindred book 17, by Evangeline Anderson. It’s sci-fi erotica.


A warrior with a talent that could get him killed
A girl transported to a new existence with no warning
When the two of them trade lives, it places them in mortal peril.
Not to mention really screwing up their love lives!
Will they ever be able to get back in their rightful bodies?
Or have they been forever…Switched?

What happens when you wake up in someone else’s body?
And what if that someone happens to be a huge, hot, Alien warrior?
Frankie is about to find out…the hard way.

Kerov knows his people used to have the ability to Switch bodies with their bonded mates, but he has no idea who the girl in his head is. And the fact that she’s controlling his body goes beyond awkward…it could be lethal if anyone finds out. On his home planet of Tarsia, Switching is a crime punishable by death.
But there are worse things than dying as he finds out when he gets stuck in Frankie’s body as well. What is a Brazilian bikini wax anyway? And why does he have to remove his pants to get one?


It’s fairly obvious that I’m a fan of this series since we’re now 17 books in and I’ll still drop whatever I’m doing to read new ones! I’m pleased to say that this book did not disappoint and in fact only improves upon the groundwork laid by previous books.

We meet a new kind of Kindred in this book. Kerov is a Switcher or Jumper from the planet of Tarsia. He switches consciousness with an earth woman called Frankie with unexpected and hilarious results. The humour in this was a welcome throwback to the early books of the series that quite often made me laugh out loud.

As with all of Anderson’s books, the richness of detail is extraordinary. Whenever she creates a new planet, the world building is second to none, from the culture to the food to the furniture in the homes…every single planet is vividly brought to life. And they’re all different, which in itself is quite staggering.

As with the other books, I love that Frankie is a diverse character. She’s Hispanic/Latina and has serious curves going on. She’s also vegetarian. All of Anderson’s characters are easy to identify with. Frankie struggles with the same doubts and self-consciousness that we do on a daily basis.

What was different about this book from the rest of the series was that the structure felt slightly different. In previous books, there felt like a clear formula for the ratio of smut scenes to plot scenes. I didn’t feel that this time. It was a lot more organic and somehow felt like an easier, faster read because of it.

I did struggle a little with the intermittent scenes with other characters because the cast of the universe is so huge now that I forget who people are. That’s more an issue of mine though and others may not have the same issue, especially if you are reading them all in a row. It’s been a couple of months since I read the rest of the series.

As always, the erotica was super, super steamy. There was one section that could possibly come with a trigger warning, but in the context of the book it was well written and explored.

All in all, I think Frankie and Kerov may be my favourite couple yet!

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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