Love letters

There’s a great swelling of emotion in the world right now and some of it has been downright inspiring. Like a lot of people, I watched the women’s marches and understood that there’s something going on here that’s maybe a bit deeper than politics; something under the surface that’s powerful and rich and rooted in a grand tradition.

Here on the blog we’ve done posts In Tribute To The Living, telling people how inspired we are by them while they’re still alive because it seems redundant to wait until they’re gone to let them know how much we care for them and how much they’ve shaped our lives. It’s a powerful thing to do, to vocalise those profound and complex emotions.

February is the month of love and even if you hate the commercialisation of it, maybe this year we should take a step back and look at the sentiment underneath the roses and the chocolates and the dinner dates. It’s about telling people we love them, we just dress it up in fancy clothes and do it on a specific date.

It got me thinking that we don’t do it enough; we don’t tell the people in our lives that we love them enough. We don’t acknowledge the way we have been shaped and inspired by those around us. So this year I thought we could do something special on the blog.

For the whole month of February I want to post a love letter to a strong woman, someone that inspired you or moved you in some way. It can be someone living or dead, someone you know like you know yourself, or someone you’ve never met. They can be famous or not. The important thing is that they inspired you in some way.

I’m taking submissions from everyone, man, woman and child. Either send them to my author page: or you can email me at RivkaSpicer (at) and I’ll schedule them. It doesn’t have to be very long – just a paragraph or two.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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