A Love Letter to Ditte

Dearest Ditte, My Crown Princess of Awesome, my sister flamingo,

You are, without doubt, one of my best friends and meeting you last year was one of the best things I’ve ever done. After a year of terrible health and all the heartache that went with it, you have no idea what it meant to me to be able to relax and laugh and let myself go into the warmth of your kindness and generosity.

You have been a firm and steadfast friend through difficult times, always ready with love first, advice second and humour third to drag me out of whatever black hole I’ve fallen into and sometimes I don’t think you realise how extraordinarily powerful a gift that is. Your selfless nature is truly a thing of beauty and anyone in your orbit is lucky indeed to be warmed by it. You’ve shown me the truest nature of sisterhood.

You’ve not had an easy life but you haven’t let your losses take away any of your joy or irreverent humour. Yours is a quiet and sometimes anxious strength, but underneath it and behind it and, yes, in spite of it, you exude this glittery, feathery, sparkly fun that I adore.

I totally admire your style. I’m so envious that you can wear quirky clothes and retro styling and totally rock it and give precisely zero flying f***s about anyone else’s opinion, because you know that the best person to really style you is you. You may not realise that is a strength, but it truly is.

Words will never really encompass all your friendship means to me, but I am so grateful to have you in my life.

From your loving friend,


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