A love letter to my feminist girls

This is a love letter to a group I’m in online. I can’t share the name because it’s closed, but they know who they are.

To the women of this feminist group, I want to tell you how much you inspire me every day.

I love that you are never afraid to show yourselves at your most raw and vulnerable. You are fearless in admitting  when you are broken or sad and sometimes I don’t think you know how utterly and staggeringly brave you are.

You come from all walks of life and that diversity is as valuable as it is educational. I love hearing about your lives, the good and the bad.

I love that you’re not just keyboard warriors. Those of you that can have been out marching and protesting, defending your rights with a passion and fervour that is as intense as it is awe-inspiring. Those of you that cannot protest publicly for one reason or another have supported the fight in other ways, quieter and more solitary, but no less valuable to the cause.

I love that you educate me on a daily basis and help me to understand issues that I wasn’t aware of before, never mind grasped the complexity of.

I love the sense of sisterhood that you have fostered. Like in any group of women, upsets happen and things are said, but one of the remarkable things is the way you deal with those. An open and honest safe space to have a discussion is valuable, however hard that discussion may be.

And the positive side of that sisterhood is how easily you will jump in to lift up and support any of your sisters that are suffering. The world class be an overwhelming and terrifying place, especially now, but none of us have to face it alone.

I wish even half the world were as emotionally intelligent, educated, caring and passionate as you are. The world would be a very different place.

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