PCOS friendly granola

We’ve talked a lot about diet and the things to cut out and so on but that can make breakfasts really difficult. Buying gluten free cereals is expensive and often they’re loaded with sugar to make up for other flavours that are lacking. Add the lack of dairy to that and the excessive prices of things like dairy free yoghurts and the fact that a lot of them just aren’t very nice and you’re left with fruit. Which can get boring.

To get around this, I’ve been making my own granola for about 6 months. It works out more cost effective and some of the flavours have been amazing. I’ve filmed a few of them to share with friends so I’m sharing them here to give you some ideas about what’s possible. I serve all of these with mixed berries or other fruits and either use a nut milk or sometimes I’ll have them with stewed fruit. Granola and homemade low sugar apple sauce is a favourite.

Date and ginger granola:

Coffee and chocolate granola:

Lady Grey granola:

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