Day 1 in the Teal Warrior House

One of the things I see quite often in the PCOS community is a feeling of being alone. We often check in with each other asking if this or that or the next thing is normal. It’s an illness that’s so belittled by the wider medical community at large that often the sometimes overwhelming and extreme things that are normal to us just seem a bit odd. In that vein, I thought it might be helpful to share a small snapshot of part of what a regular day looks like for me.

I live with a scientist and for a long time he’s been a bit stressed about my lack of scientific rigour in the way I approach testing. He bought me a book about natural ways to manage PCOS because I’m still off my meds while my stomach settles and she recommends a 3 month program to start with. I said I’d try it but he’s taken the opportunity to push me into maintaining proper records. He’s really not convinced about my acne and hair indices lol…

PCOS journal

Keeping a journal is a great idea, especially in relation to various foods. That’s the only way to find out which ones cause reactions and which ones don’t.

If you’re wondering what that many supplements looks like, this is currently my daily intake:


There should actually be another 3 pills in there but the chromium, B complex and NAC haven’t arrived yet. I’m expecting them tomorrow. I did look at condensing some of these down into a good multivitamin but I couldn’t find one with the right concentrations that didn’t cost a fortune. I’ll keep looking while I run stocks down. And this isn’t the grand sum and total of my “natural treatment”. I also have to have 2 cups of sage and spearmint tea every day, each one brewed for 5 minutes. Just as well I like the flavour.

Another insight you may not have expected is the random and often irritating medical testing we have to do because our bodies do weird stuff. Women with PCOS react really badly to stress. Really badly. For the last month or so I’ve been having heart palpitations and they think it’s stress but it might be exhaustion or it could be some thing actually wrong with my heart. So I’m currently in the middle of a 72 hour ambulatory ECG test.

Sexy and I know it

Making medical equipment look good since 1983 😉

This is an average day for me. As you can probably tell, a sense of humour is a necessity for dealing with something like this.

So whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. If your day looks anything like mine, it’s normal.

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