Review requests

If you would like us to review your books, please send us an email to rivkaspicer(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk containing the following information:

Author’s name
The book ‘blurb’
The book in either .mobi or PDF format
The cover image
Buy links

We don’t guarantee to read every book we are sent, but if the plot appeals to us we will fit it in. In either case, we will notify you.

We will read almost any genre, but we’re not particularly enamoured of Horror and we won’t read non-fiction or children’s books. Anything else is fair game 🙂 We welcome diverse books and will read LGBTQ+.

Please think long and hard about sending us books to review – we are honest and critical and will say exactly what we think about a book, regardless of whether it was sent to us or we purchased it ourselves. If you’re not sure if our blog is right for you, see the Reviews tab for examples of our previous reviews.